Apprenticeship Office's first anniversary

  • Number of training contracts registered: 25 282
  • Number of lodged contracts that had undergone further assessment: 9 063
  • Number of training contracts where registration was refused: 98
  • Average time taken to register a training contract: 6.5 days
  • Number of variations to training contracts assessed and processed: 17 308
  • Number of callers assisted: 22 578
  • Number of contacts with employers/apprentices providing advice about training plans: 12 038
  • Number of overdue training plans recovered: 4 760
  • Number of training plans audited: 461

The Apprenticeship Office would like to thank our stakeholders for your support and cooperation over the last year. We look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the efficiency of the administration of training contracts and the quality and integrity of the apprenticeship system in Western Australia.

Page last updated January 22, 2021