Vocational Education and Training (General) Regulations amendments: New fact sheets

The changes simplify the timeframe for training providers to develop training plans for apprentices and trainees, clarify training plan requirements and ensure that schools are central to and can support school-based apprenticeship and traineeship (SBAT) arrangements. Overall, the changes will support quality training plans being developed in a timely manner that meet stakeholder needs.

Amendments include:

  • changing the timeframe to sign a training plan to six weeks from the date that the parties are notified of the registration of the training contract.  In most cases, this will give RTOs more time;
  • making all parties aware of their obligations by clarifying that a new training plan is to be signed when there is a new training provider or employer.  This will ensure that the same quality applies to the training arrangement after an assignment or variation;
  • requiring training providers to notify the Department when a training plan has been signed so that the Department can ensure that training plans are being developed in the early phase of the training;
  • requiring school endorsement of the training plan for all SBAT arrangements to ensure that schools are aware of and are supportive of the training arrangement. Completion and submission of the Education, Training and Employment Schedule or ETES form will no longer be required; and
  • clarifying that home educated students will no longer be able to access SBAT, but will instead have access to a broader range of apprenticeships or traineeships under a part-time arrangement.

Further information on the amendments is provided in the fact sheets Changes to training plans and School-based apprenticeships and traineeships and changes to training plan requirements which are available on the Apprenticeship Office website under Training contract forms and fact sheets.

Updated forms and fact sheets relating to training plans, assignment and variations and the training plan template will be published on the Apprenticeship Office website on 9 February 2018. Please ensure you are using the current version of the forms when submitting requests to the Apprenticeship Office.

Page last updated January 22, 2021